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Our services

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Specialist services for industrial manufacturing SMEs and micro-enterprises


  • External welding coordinator IWE, IWI-C

    • Welder Qualifications

    • Procedure tests (WPQR)

    • Welding procedures (WPS)

    • Welding and inspection plans

    • Quality plans

    • Inspections of drawings, plans and documents

  • Welding advice

    • Production development

    • Welding of titanium

    • Welding of high-strength steels

  • Implementation and maintaining of quality systems

    • ISO 9001

    • ISO 14001

    • ISO 45001

    • ISO 3834-2

    • EN 1090-1

    • Sustainable systems

  • Manufacturer's IT systems

    • System architecture

    • Software such as time tracking, ERP, PDM

    • Investment model

  • Tailor-made training for manufacturers

    • Welding drawing markings

    • Welding processes

    • Welding of super-strong structural steels, eg S960QL

    • Welding of titanium

    • Welding of special steels and metals

    • Engineering, pricing and investment calculations

  • Freelancer Custom training and qualification of welders

    • Performed on our own premises as well as remotely

  • Implementing and developing the service business

    • For companies that are planning to set up or invest in spare parts for their own products and service sales

Specialist services for international industrial process plants and technology companies globally


  • New EU Battery regulation implementation for battery industry

  • Conformity and CE-mark assessment for products

  • Investment / procurement consulting for material handling equipment QA requirements

  • Investment / Procurement Acceptance Tests (FAT and SAT)

  • Welding consulting in demanding construction, repair and maintenance projects

  • Supplier audits / evaluations

  • Quality assurance and inspections during the project

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  • Manufacture of welded components and structures

  • Prototype products

    • Manufacturability testing

    • Checking and reviewing drawings

    • Testing the suitability of quality requirements

    • Cost structure analysis

    • Reporting of the above

Other products


  • Material thickness meter rental

    • €200.00/starting week, VAT 0%, + delivery costs

    • SS and carbon steels

    • Aluminum

    • Copper

    • Other special metals

    • Plastics

  • Conexpertos throat thickness gauge, €120/piece (VAT 0%)

    • You can find a larger quantity in stock with fast delivery

    • Durable and high qualityas, leather pocket included

    • The one and only real throat gauge which is suitable in production

    • With the same measurement, the actual throat, cathexis deviation and high/low weld

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