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Our company is Finland's first consulting office with its own welding production facility. Thanks to this, we are able to offer development projects to improve the manufacturability, weldability and quality assurance of products. In addition, we are able to offer freelancer welders a wide range of customized training as well as qualifications.


Hey! I am Samuli Saarela, and I work as an expert for CONEXPERTOS. I have been a Bachelor of Science in Production Engineering and Production Management since 2005. In addition, I have been a Qualified International Welding Engineer (IWE) since 2007 and an International Welding Inspector (IWI-C) since 2013.

My work experience (30 years) has already started at the age of 13 in my father’s company as a metal worker. Although I have accumulated industrial experience in various positions of foreman, manager, director, expert and specialist internationally for the last 20 years or so, I have still maintained my welding skills and welder's qualifications in Saarelan Teräsrakenne Oy's production. I have worked from a one man company to a large listed company which has brought perspective in the implementation of the knowledge.

In addition to practical work, my expertise is based on a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Welding coordination

  • Implementation and management of quality systems

  • IT systems implementation projects

  • Takeover of acquired new subsidiaries

  • Internal investment and development projects

  • Productization of products, development and control of manufacturability and quality assurance

  • Company production management, HR, procurement, finance and pricing

  • Delivery project management

  • Supplier evaluations, FAT (Factory Acceptance test) and SAT (Site Acceptance Test)

  • Contract manufacturing sales

  • International project sales

  • International service sales

  • Service business establishement, development and management

  • Site inspections, commissioning, inspections, training and consulting

  • EU Battery regulation assessment for battery manufacturer

In conclusion, I feel that I understand the difference between operating models from a micro company to large technology companies, from a subcontractor to one that manufactures its own products, and from volume production to project production. The advantage of the above is to face on a large scale good and difficult experiences to support decisions and advice.

Samuli Saarela (SSA)

IWE and IWI-C certificates:

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Saarelan Teräsrakenne Oy
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In 1973 , Heikki Saarela founded the company Saarelan Metalli Tmi, when he started as a side job to manufacture thermal cuts for the Parkano Oy factory (Current Super Steel Oy). In the same place, Heikki was also a welder in his main job. Saarelan Metalli was the first subcontracting company established in Parkano with roots in the Parkano Oy plant. At present, there are a considerable number of successful workshops with the same roots in the Parkano and Kihniö areas.

1974 Heikki moved from Parkano Oy to a full-time entrepreneur, growing his business year by year, employing at best 7 employees. The imprint of the hand can be seen in Pirkanmaa and further afield in many building steel structures, facades, doors, etc.

The recession of the 1990s had a significant impact on the company's operations, leaving Heikki as the only worker in the company with the help of his son Samuli, who at the age of 13 started working in a workshop between school and hobbies. As a result of the recession, Heikki decided to move more of its business scope from steel structures to mechanical engineering subcontractors after noticing that the industry was growing, due to large equipment manufacturers starting to outsource their own manufacturing.

1997 Saarelan Teräsrakenne Oy was founded alongside Saarelan Metalli with the aim of starting to transfer operations under the company name to a limited company. This was completed in 2014, when Saarelan Metalli was removed from the trade register. This marked the end of a 40-year business name era.

In 2012, a subsidiary company, SSA Weld-Engineering, was established, which focused on quality and welding consulting for companies in the local metal industry. At the same time, a generational change process began in the company, in which Samuli became the company's second shareholder.

2021 The SSA Weld-Engineering name goes down in history and is replaced by Conexpertos. The name is multifaceted; it is spanish and is in English "with experts", in addition "con" refers to the word "Consultancy".

Our company has left quite a legacy in creating skilled metalworkers. Over the decades, dozens of metalworkers have learned a good lesson in our company. And soon Heikki's training is coming  new hopes as Samuli’s two young sons have shown interest as well as skills in metalworking.

Our company achieved the age of 50 years on 2023, which provides a good basis for our operations and its growth for the next 50 years.

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